Stonington High School Library Media Center

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7:00 AM to 2:15 PM Monday and Friday

7:00 AM to 3:15 PM Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
(days that have late bus service)

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Sue Prince

Library Media Center Mission

The Stonington High School Library Media Center’s Mission is to support the educational goals and objectives of Stonington Public Schools. The Library Media Center is accessible to students and staff throughout the day and is an integral part of the educational process. Students and staff are welcome to use the resources in the Media Center to access information for their academic needs and to pursue their personal interests. As the information core of Stonington High School, the Library provides students and staff with a comprehensive collection which includes a wide variety of resources in both print and electronic formats to support the curriculum and encourage recreational reading.

Libary Media Center Policies

Student access

signinDuring the school day study hall students have the option to come to the LMC. To do so students must acquire a pass from the library before the start of their study hall period. Once the bell rings signaling the beginning of class no passes will be issued. In order to obtain a pass students must:

  • Present their SHS agenda so their Hall Pass page can be stamped by LMC personnel.
  • Show their SHS ID to verify that they can open the LMC security door.
  • Students will then sign their name on the LMC Attendance sheet.
  • When they report to the LMC for their study hall students must note their arrival time next to their name on the attendance sheet.

Before school, during lunch, and after school students need only to sign in at the Circulation desk. Teachers may send students to the LMC with a pass and their IDs. Ninth Grade Academy teachers call the LMC to secure access for Students.Study hall students are expected to bring work to do during their time in the LMC. They are also expected to be polite, responsible, and respectful of the others in the room.

Teachers and Staff

Teachers regularly reserve the computer lab and classroom for instructional purposes. Additionally, for ongoing projects, after the initial instruction with the Media Specialist, teachers will bring a class/classes back to the LMC to work independently or in small groups in the main room. Because of the size and design of the library, it not an unusual to have several classes and study hallstudents using the facility at the same time.

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The Library Media Center Facility:

The Library Media Center is a secure facility. Students and staff enter the room by swiping their student/staff IDs to open the door. The security system allows library/media staff to “lock down” without needing to step out of the room and lock the doors with a key thus ensuring the safety of the students and staff if an instance of imminent danger should occur.

Main room:

Reference and Circulating Collections, 14 tables seating 54


Instructional area to kick off a variety of projects, six tables seating 40. Also serves as a silent study area for study hall students if it is not being used for classes. This area is available for meetings with students, tutoring, etc. This area is often reserved for SHS and District meetings as well as by community groups and parental “Booster Club” like organizations associated with Stonington Public Schools

Computer Lab:

Instructional area reserved by the LMS and classroom teachers. It seats 26 students. It is also used by study hall students when all the main room computers are being used.

Library Media Center Staff:

Sue Prince is a full time certified Library Media Specialist with a Master’s degree in Library Science and UCONN trained to support ECE courses. She purchases curriculum and high interest materials and supplies, collaborate and/or co-teach with teachers, distribute network credentials, reset passwords, notify Tech Department of unresolvable username/password issues

One part time (24 hrs.) library paraprofessional. Duties: circulation, overdues, compiling accountability lists, gathering materials for class projects as directed by the LMS, housekeeping, displays, maintaining SHS scrapbook, processing new materials, etc

One part time (16 hrs.) technology paraprofessional. Duties: basic maintenance of equipment, troubleshooting computer problems, seeing that computer carts are organized and charging, and submitting computer repair requests, preparing “New Book” list for distribution to the SHS staff.

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The Library Media Center Collection

  • 15,400 volumes (circulating and reference)
  • 3 daily newspapers
  • 1500 curriculum supporting videos (VHS & DVDs)
  • 93 audio books
  • 52 reference E-books: Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance, Sharpe Collection (10 multi volume sets containing curriculum relevant information on national and/or international topics), Cavendish Square Digital collection (22 multi volume sets over a range of subjects) and Salem Press Collection (10 individual titles and one multi volume set).
  • 6 electronic database vendors: Connecticut State Library (40 individual databases), SIRS Knowledge Source (3 individual databases), NewsBank (4 individual databases), Facts on File (5 individual databases), and the Gale Digital Collections (5+ individual databases).
computer image
computer image
computer image

The Library Media Center Technology:

Main room:

22 virtual desktop computer stations for students and staff
1 Printer
1 Copy Machine

Front desk:

1 Desktop PC dedicated to circulation, cataloging, and miscellaneous LMC business.
2 Desktop PCs for LMC staff

Computer Lab:

26 virtual desktop computer stations
1 Desktop PC and projector for instruction
1 Printer

LMC Classroom:

1 Desktop PC and flat screen TV for instruction

Computer Carts:

2 Chrome Book carts with 30 units
1 Dell Chrome cart with 25 units
1 MAC Laptop Computer cart with 15 units
1 MAC Air Cart with ? units

Graphing Calculators:

14 units for student use in the LMC

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