SSP Digital Portfolio System

The Stonington High School Student Success Plan is an individualized student-driven plan that is developed to address each student's needs and interests to help them stay connected in school and to achieve postsecondary academic and career goals. The SSP provides students support and assistance in setting academic, career, as well as social and personal goals, meeting Stonington High School's rigorous learning expectations, and exploring postsecondary education career interests.

The SHS Digital Portfolio System allows students to:

  • Select a career pathway
  • Design a course of study, based on the SHS courses, to meet that career
  • Establish personal goals to act as milestones towards that career
  • Link samples of their class work as evidence that they are meeting personal goals and district and state standards
  • Create "tours" of their work - collections of work samples (including resumes and capstone projects)
  • Reflect on individual entries, and on overall progress
  • See reports on data collected by the school, including test scores
  • Capture links from career sites, such as Naviance
  • View assessments from teachers who review work using school-wide rubrics and expectations developed for NEASC
  • Use the SSP as a planning tool for high school to colleges/workforce transition
  • Document students' career exploration and work-based activities related to career pathways

In addition, the SHS Digital Portfolio System will:

  • Increase access and use of technology
  • Enable all students to succeed in the 21st century
  • Expand our school-family business-college partnerships

Students begin to develop their Student Success Plan in grade nine in their Ninth Grade Academy course. During the next three years, students will review, revise, and complete their digital SSP. The SSP will be used to document career exploration electives within their chosen pathway, and community as well as work- based learning. The SSPs will be monitored and reviewed two times annually by counselors, parents, and advisors as part of our Advisory program.

A culminating activity in grade twelve will require students to present a "tour of their best work" to an audience of teachers and administrators as a capstone project.

*Public Act No. 11-135: "For the school year commencing July 1, 2012, and each school year thereafter, each local and regional board of education shall create a student success plan for each student enrolled in a public school, beginning in grade six. Such student success plan shall include a student's career and academic choices in grades six to twelve, inclusive."

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