SHS Student Web Design Team

Welcome to the Stonington High school website managment team page. On this page, you will find the list of both current and past students who have worked on the website. These students completed the Stonington High School Web Design course and were invited back to work on the school webpage. Now, they maintain, update, and expand its content. If you have any questions, items you would like posted, concerns or comments about our webpage please send your requests to


  • Nate Bury (grad. 2018)
  • Drew Donovan (grad. 2017)
  • Justin Travers (grad. 2017)


  • Lucas Pereira (grad. 2016)
  • Benjamin Smith (grad. 2016)
  • Georgia White (grad. 2016)


  • Zack Adams (grad. 2015)
  • Tristan Blair (grad. 2015)
  • Brock Cataldi (grad. 2015)
  • Jamie Costa (grad. 2015)
  • Garrison Johnson (grad. 2015)
  • Benjamin Smith (grad. 2016)

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